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Illinois Nursing Association Advocacy Efforts

    For over a 100 years INA has effectively shared nursing knowledge and education to improve nurse practice environments and patient care throughout Illinois. INA has demonstrated its effectiveness in the ability to successfully advocate and produce positive changes in the health care system for nurses and their patients.

    The experience and dedication of nurses practicing in Illinois is the foundation for all advocacy efforts of the Illinois Nurses Association. INA believes that nurses have the ability to enhance patient care and/or the nursing profession. Because of their position on the front lines of health care, nurses are very instrumental in determining if a health care system is or is not effectively meeting nursing or patient needs.

    INA is committed to being the voice that promotes a healthy work environment and safe patient care from the corporate board room to the state capital. INA has the expertise to speak credibly on nursing issues with legislators, policy makers and administrators. INA will continue to spend a significant amount of time advocating for nurses, the nursing profession, and the quality of health care for all Illinois residents

    INA believes that when nurses are involved in health care policy decisions a positive health care environment is created for all Illinois patients.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

•   Illinois Nurse Practice Act;

•   Public Act-98-0369

•   Assuring quality nursing education through continuing education courses (CE’s);

•   Enforcing the standards in our bargaining unit contracts;

•   Continued research on the roles and responsibilities of nurses in various workplace settings.

The Interstate Licensure Compact Act