Illinois Nurses Association
The Nurses' Union
Legislative Platform


Illinois Nurses Association
Proposed 2015-2016 Legislative Platform

INA advocates for the protection of employment, fair wages, pension benefits and health care for all nurses of the state of Illinois;

INA advocates for the creation of nurse ratios. INA will continue to explore opportunities that will ensure safe and adequate staffing for nurses through research, advocacy and education;
INA advocates for the restoration of funding for state operated mental health facilities; INA advocates for an increase in the number of Disaster Preparedness nurses in the
City of Chicago;

INA supports legislation and advocates for initiatives that restores and strengthens the statewide health and municipal infrastructure;

Advocate for maintaining the unique role of the Registered Nurse (RN) within our healthcare system;

Advocating for legislation that allows the Advanced Practiced Nurse (APN) to practice to the full scope of their education and training;

INA will always advocate for a safe work environment for all nurses;

INA will always advocate and support efforts to protect nurse’s rights in the workplace.

Adopted January 17, 2015 at the Membership Assembly

2015-2016  Legislative Platform (Printable PDF Version)